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United Nations Security Council Consolidated List

The Consolidated List includes all individuals and entities subject to measures imposed by the Security Council. The inclusion of all names on one Consolidated List is to facilitate the implementation of the measures, and neither implies that all names are listed under one regime, nor that the criteria for listing specific names are the same. For each instance where the Security Council has decided to impose measures in response to a threat, a Security Council Committee manages the sanctions regime. Each sanctions committee established by the United Nations Security Council therefore publishes the names of individuals and entities listed in relation to that committee as well as information concerning the specific measures that apply to each listed name.

The current version of the Consolidated List is provided in .xml, .html and .pdf formats. Member States are obliged to implement the measures specific to each listed name as specified on the websites of the related sanctions committee.

For all comments and questions concerning all sanctions lists, including the United Nations Consolidated List, kindly contact the Secretariat via the email address: sc-sanctionslists@un.org.

Source: https://www.un.org