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International cooperation

International cooperation

Turkmenistan pays special attention to expanding international cooperation in the field of AML / CFT. 

At the 65th session of the UN General Assembly, Turkmenistan proposed to step up work on the draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism and create new partnership formats within the UN, including considering the possibility of creating counter-terrorism UN focal points in various regions of the world. In addition, Turkmenistan at the UN site proposed the organization of UN training and information centers for combating crime.

Turkmenistan considers cooperation within the framework of the UN, CIS, FATF and EAG structures to be a priority for improving the national AML / CFT system.

The fundamentals of the SFM’s activities in the field of international cooperation are established by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Laws of Turkmenistan “On Countering the Legalization of Criminal Proceeds and the Financing of Terrorism”, Decrees of the President of Turkmenistan, and the Regulations on the Financial Monitoring Service.

In the framework of expanding international cooperation on AML / CFT SFMs, a number of information exchange agreements and memorandums of understanding were signed with the competent authorities of foreign countries.

International cooperation

  • Republic of Latvia
    01/02/2024 Signed city: St. Julian's
  • Republic of Azerbaijan
    31/01/2024 Signed city: St. Julian's
  • Republic of Malta
    05/07/2023 Signed city: Abu Dhabi
  • Russian Federation
    09/06/2022 Signed city: Moscow
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