The study of typologies of money laundering and terrorist financing


In accordance with the competence of the Office of Financial Monitoring in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, the study of typological methods of money laundering and terrorist financing and exchange of experience combating such crimes are a major concern.


Typology is a method of scientific knowledge, based on the division of systems of objects and their grouping with the help of a generalized model or type. The purpose of the study in the typology of financial intelligence units (FIU) - increase the efficiency of detection schemes of money laundering and terrorist financing. This goal is divided into two sub-goals:


· Improved detection of known schemes legalization and terrorist financing;

· Improved detection of new schemes.


Definition of typologies based on the analysis of materials of financial investigations carried out by the FIU, as well as the materials of criminal cases. Typologies paid much attention to the activities of the FATF and regional FATF-style structures, including the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (EAG).


Given the international character of the current levels of money laundering and terrorism financing represent a global threat to international security, FMS works with EAG typologies in the study with the FATF and other regional FATF-style bodies, including through joint seminars on typologies.


Seminars at the site of EAG typologies were:

· In November 2005 in Moscow (Russia);

· In November 2006 in Shanghai (China) in conjunction with the FATF;

· In October 2007 in Almaty (Kazakhstan);

· In October 2009 in Moscow (Russia).


Typological reports


Publication of study results typologies of money laundering and terrorist financing, including as a collection, aimed at increasing the efficiency of detection of these crimes as law enforcement and supervisory authorities, and employees of private sector organizations.


The study of typology contributes to more efficient detection of attempts of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as suppression of the facts of these crimes and other types of illegal acts that are predicative in relation to money laundering, building on best international practices in this area.


Typological report of Turkmenistan




EAG typology catalogue

Money laundering and terrorist financing with use of physical cash and bearer instruments (2012)


Misuse of non-profit organizations for money laundering (2012)


Organized criminal groups (including those formed along ethnic lines) in operations (transactions) with cash and non-cash assets (2011)


Report on the results of typology research "Laundering of proceeds from embezzlement of public funds" (December 2009)



FATF typology catalogue