03.09.2021 The project on construction of gas-turbine power plant was successfully realized

Успешно реализован проект по строительству газотурбинной электростанции


Today the ceremony of opening of the 432 megawatts new gas-turbine power plant constructed in the Charjev district in the territory of the state power plant operating in Lebap took place.

And today one more project, significant for domestic power industry, which was realized by Turkmenenergo State Corporation of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan together with foreign partners - Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsubishi Power Ltd companies (Japan), "Rönesans Holding" (Turkey) was complete.

Members of the government, heads of ministries and branch departments, khyakimlik of Lebap velayat, representatives of public organizations and mass media, and also the Japanese delegation which arrived in our country, foreign businessmen on this occasion took part in celebrations.

There comes the culmination point: under a burst of applause of attendees, with the assistance of respectable elders the symbolical ribbon is cut - the new important power object is open!

Then participants of the ceremony proceeded to the conference room of the office building of the power plant where a ceremonial meeting took place.

The new power plant which is solemnly opened in Lebap velayat this year marked by the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan was also constructed together with Japanese partners. On this large power object Sumitomo Corporation company started installation and construction works in November, 2018. And now it is ready for operation.

With commissioning of new object the power of power supply system of the country will increase by 432 megawatts, and the power of the state power plant operating in Lebap will be equal to 581, 2 megawatts. Reliability of power supply of consumers of the velayat will increase, new workplaces will be created. Besides, there will be an opportunity to increase volumes of deliveries of electric power to the countries of Central Asia, including to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

On behalf of workers of the sphere of construction, industry and power industry of Turkmenistan were expressed huge appreciation to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for continued care of strengthening of material base of the branches entering a complex and wishes of good health, longevity, and progress in many-sided activity for the good of the people and the country.

Further it was given the floor to foreign guests.

State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan of Kiyoshi Ejima warmly thanked the head of Turkmenistan for the invitation to take part in the opening ceremony of new gas-turbine power plant in the Charjev etrap, having addressed sincere congratulations on this occasion to all participants of today's celebration.

Finishing performance, Mr Kiyoshi Ejima wished to the President of Turkmenistan and participants of today's ceremony good health and progress in all undertakings, and the people of Turkmenistan - happiness and wellbeing.

In a festive atmosphere the new object of Lebap state power plant is handed the Certificate of Sumitomo corporation certifying that on this hydroelectric power station for the first time in Central Asia the gas turbines M701DA made by the Mitsubishi Power Ltd company, and also the Certificate "Innovative technologies" of the Swiss federal institute of technology and the Certificate "For stability and efficiency" by Institute of Energy "Max Plank" (Germany) are installed.

On the screen the video movie with information on new object of domestic power industry was shown.

Then there comes the start moment in operation of the power plant. The monitors installed here allow to observe visually how it comes to the planned power.

At the end of the ceremony, on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan the staff of power plant was handed keys from new official cars.

And therefore it is very symbolical that the new power plant built in Lebap begins work in present, 2021 which is held under the motto "Turkmenistan — Homeland of peace and trust". Its input will promote further successful integration of our country into world power system, accumulation of volumes of deliveries of Turkmen energy carriers to the world markets. In general all this will serve strengthening of economic power and international authority of Fatherland, under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov confidently following on the way of creation and progress.