01.09.2021 Turkmenistan is China's largest partner in the gas industry

Туркменистан - крупнейший партнёр Китая в газовой отрасли


According to Chinese customs statistics, in June 2021, the country imported the maximum volume of pipeline natural gas in history - 4.714 billion cubic meters. m or 157 million cubic meters. m per day. The lion's share of this volume comes through the Turkmenistan-China trunk pipeline, which has been operating steadily and safely for over 11 years since its commissioning in December 2009. So, in January 2021, more than 3.87 billion cubic meters of natural gas were delivered to China via this gas pipeline, as reported by the Xinhua news agency with reference to the Chinese oil company PipeChina West Pipeline. At the same time, Turkmenistan has been the main exporter of pipeline gas to China for a long time.

For more than 11 years, the export of Turkmen natural gas to the PRC has exceeded 300 billion cubic meters. m. Turkmen gas occupies more than 10% of the consumer market of the PRC. "Blue fuel" from Turkmenistan is supplied to the population of dozens of provinces and autonomous regions of the PRC, and the number of its consumers exceeds 500 million people.

At the ceremony of launching a new high-tech investment project for the construction of three new gas wells at the Galkynyş field, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that 40 billion cubic meters of "blue fuel" are currently supplied to China. New wells will create additional reserves for export gas supplies to China. The contract for the execution of these works was concluded by the State Concern "Türkmengaz" with the Chinese company "CNPC", payment for the services of which will be carried out at the expense of the supply of natural gas to China within three years. As you know, in accordance with the agreement signed earlier, it is planned to supply China with 65 billion cubic meters. meters of gas from Turkmenistan, and this is not the limit. According to the head of state, in the future, the volume of natural gas exported to China will reach 100 billion cubic meters. m.

The representatives of the Chinese side attending the ceremony expressed their readiness to further develop a comprehensive partnership with Turkmenistan in the energy sector, since this meets the mutual interests of the two countries. China's gas demand is expected to double by 2035. More environmentally friendly than coal and oil, natural gas is seen as a transitional fuel in the development of "green energy".