18.08.2021 Production of all components

Production of all components


The production of all the necessary components for the construction of a multi-apartment large-panel residential building of 148-U series has been launched at the Dashoguz concrete product plant of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan. The houses of this series are mainly four-story large-panel buildings, each of which consists of apartments with improved layout, with spacious dimensions and high ceilings. Thus, the total area of a four-room apartment is about 120 square meters, and a three-room apartment is more than 100 square meters. Though in recent years the construction of brick housing has become more common in the region, new large-panel buildings are also in demand, given that one of the advantages of panel housing is the short construction time of buildings and their affordability for a wide range of the population. An important factor is the fact that factory-fabricated panels are of high quality. At the same time, the actual service life of large-panel buildings is quite long.

The Dashoguz concrete product plant produces a wide range of products that meet the most modern standards.