17.08.2021 The service centre for power engineering specialists under construction

The service centre for power engineering specialists under construction

Experts of contract organisation - «Çalık Enerji» company have started installation of equipment in the centre for repair and service of power equipment which is created by the order of Türkmenenergo State Corporation. In total for three years - to the middle of 2022 - «Çalık Enerji» company should finish creation of the modern largest hi-tech base in Central Asia for Turkmenenergoabatlayish enterprise where for the first time in local conditions service, first of all, for repair of powerful gas turbines by which power stations are equipped will be organised. Simultaneously with its building there the training of qualified personnel also continues.

Now only at generating objects of the Ministry of Power Energy of Turkmenistan more than thirty gas turbines of different capacity from American company «General Electric» are used. These are the highly effective installations providing reliable work of Turkmen electric networks. Their service was carried out before by the company. Now the equipment according to parameters of productivity and operational readiness will be restored in the specialised Centre in Buzmeyin. Here repair of worn out parts of gas turbines will be conducted and with that end in view in the territory given under object - near to Buzmeyin state power station - the contractor has already constructed all necessary buildings and carries out their painting and decorating.

Walls of the office building in which conference halls and other premises will take place the educational centre and premises for the personnel of the service centre, equipped with computer technics, have risen. In the centre’s territory shops with an area of more than four thousand square metres were constructed. They are planned to equip with hi-tech machine tools for repair of details from gas turbines on technologies from leading manufacturers. Besides, by conditions of the contract for repair of gas turbines, the contractor will put 16 complete sets of spare parts to gas turbines that give the chance exchange collection creations.

Now bridge cranes for transportation and transfer of difficult systems to specialised workplaces were mounted in each section of workshops.

The block of service of the transformer equipment where it is necessary to master at higher technological level repair of electric generators, transformer substations of different capacity, electric boards and other power equipment, building of a warehouse, chemical shop, and also a technical building for service of all service centre is prepared for commissioning.

According to experts, at the expense of organisation of service, timely and qualitative performance of repair work, reliability of work of gas turbines will increase, terms of performance of repair work will be reduced, cost of repair of gas turbines will decrease and new workplaces will be created.