23.04.2021 Turkmenistan to participate in test shipping between Russian and Iranian ports

Turkmenistan to participate in test shipping between Russian and Iranian ports


Test container line is under formation between Russia (Port of Astrakhan) and Iran. It was said by the Head of Analytics, Information and PR of Lotos Special Economic Zone JV Tatyana Karimova at the exhibition and forum “International Day of Import and Export”.

According to her, it is planned that Turkmenistan will take active part in implementation of the project.

“The vessel for test shipping has been already selected. Processing of the cargo is carried out in Astrakhan port at present time. Further, it is planned to involve other Caspian countries”, - Tatyana Karimova said about future plans.

Evaluation of perspective cargo base of the North – South International transport corridor varies. Thus, according to assessment of the Government of the Russian Federation, it can reach 25 million tons annually. Russian Academy of Foreign Trade give more optimistic evaluations – 41 million tons. Chemical production, agricultural goods and fertilizers, metal production, vegetable oils and other cargoes transported by containers are among the cargoes shipped by International transport corridor.

The length of the North – South International transport corridor, which will connect Indian Ocean with Russia and Europe is 7,200 km. cargo from India will be shipped to Iranian port of Bander- Abas, further to the port of Bender- Enzeli by train, further to Astrakhan and further by railroad to Europe. It is proposed that this route will be cheaper and shorter alternative to supplies via the Suez Channel. Average delivery from Mumbai to Moscow will be reduced by 20 days and cost by 30 – 40 percent.

On the day before, the Golden Age has presented the opinion of Belgian Modern Diplomacy on the problem of fragility of global transport structure and necessity to develop alternative land and sea transport routes. According to Modern Diplomacy transport of goods between Asia and Europe across Central Asia or Middle Corridor is the most optimal.

No matter how it will be, transport capabilities of Turkmenistan can be used in implementation of various transit projects.

Reporter of the Golden Age