Good Governance Resource Centre opens with OSCE support in the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan






An OSCE-supported Good Governance Resource Centre launched its activities on 1 May 2014 on the premises of the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan.

The OSCE Centre in Ashgabat supported the establishment of the Resource Centre to boost the host government’s capability to combat corruption and money-laundering and to promote good governance practices.

The Resource Centre will serve as a focal point for accumulation and sharing of information as well as for raising awareness about good governance practices and liaising with stakeholders. It will offer access to a library and specialized databases and periodicals and provide a venue for training and sharing expertise.

The establishment of the Resource Centre is an innovative initiative within the OSCE context as it represents a form of close joint co-operation between the OSCE and the host government, while emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of the host government and promoting OSCE commitments and best practices. The Resource Centre creates a more long-term and sustainable medium for promotion of good governance practices.